2nd Saturday Art Walk

Join us every month for 2nd Saturday Art Walk from 5-8 pm. We always have a good time, and you'll usually see people in the studio working on their current art projects.

​Studio FAQs

Where are you located?

1396 Duane Street, half a block from Fort George Brewery in beautiful downtown Astoria, Oregon.

What if I don't finish the first day?

You may finish gluing your project, but it has to dry before it can be grouted, so you most likely won't finish the first day. If you don't finish gluing the first day, you leave everything at the studio, come back when your schedule permits and work on it. You can keep coming back to work on your project until it's finished. Simple! (note: the record so far is seven months for a finish time.) When you are done, I'll teach you how to grout the project, and then you're finished.

Is making mosaics safe for everyone in the family?

If everyone is over the age of four, yes. For little artists, we concentrate on items like shells, glass globs (think a smashed marble - no hard edges), and other fun stuff.

Do you ever get cut?

This is the most common question I'm asked. I get nicked sometimes from the glass, yes. We have plenty of band-aids available if necessary. But the FIRST thing you are taught when you begin a project is how to cut safely and effectively, and how to treat the glass and other things in the studio that have the potential to cut you. And as you work, my eye is always roving to make sure that everyone is being safe.

​What if I can't even draw a stick figure?

I haven't met a person yet over the age of 5 who can't draw a stick figure. Seriously. That's not a valid reason not to give mosaics a try! Oh, and the whole "I can't draw a straight line" thing? Yep, that's why we have rulers!

Do you have patterns people can use to create mosaics?

I have a small library of books that you can peruse for ideas. If all else fails, there is Google Images for ideas.

Creations Studio and Art Gallery

1396 Duane St. Astoria, Oregon  503-741-3456  createinastoria@gmail.com

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