"I stalked the studio on line for a while before coming in for the first time. And when I did, it just sort of felt like I was home."

-Katelynn P.

"My heart smiled the first day as my foot passed over the threshold and I was greeted by Kai. I have found a happy sanctuary to create in amongst fun, uplifting, encouraging brethren! It's a place of belonging; a place full of creative lightness. I am loving mosaic and have learned so much!"

-Shannon H.

"I came in seeking fun and friendship, and to make beautiful art. That's just what I found!"

-Cheryl H.

"Bring your friends and have a great time learning a new skill! Kai makes it easy to put together an art party for any age or skill level. So many colors, textures, and sizes of glass to choose from! It's surprising how fast the time passes when working on a project. Try it, you'll like it!"

-Fran M.

"I went in to try a new craft, and found my creativity and went from a crafter to an artist. I found peace of mind. But most of all, I found wonderful friends who have become part of my family."

-Debra H.

"It's a great place to spend time with my kids, too!"

-Cathy J.

"When we come from Portland, this is always the first place we stop. We can't wait to see what's changed on the walls and in the windows."

-Bill and Linda B.

"My granddaughters and I went in to take a class, not knowing what to expect. Kai makes you feel so at home, and you walk away with a feeling of accomplishment! We will be back!!"

-Judy J.

"Awesome space to be as creative as you can be. Open and comfortable, no-pressure approach to promoting artistic expressions."

-Rafael L.

"I wanted some special moments with my daughter while I was visiting her in Astoria. I got that and more... I have a special piece of art that whenever I look at it, I think of my love for her and the wonderful time I had meeting Kai and learning a new craft. I had never cut or worked with glass before. Kai made it easy and fun to try new things and have fun!"

-Kari S.

"I was seeking a fun day with my friends, and I found a family!"

-Katey M.

"I love all the color. The different art, the walls, the displays, the glass... There is color everywhere."

-Cheryl C.

"I found my new hang out and it's so much fun! Relaxing and friendly atmosphere, I immediately felt at home. Prices are awesome - you pay per project, no matter how long it takes you to finish. I love that you can drop in any time."

-Mistee M.

"Awesome experience! Kai is amazing and so creative."

-Tamara S.

"I'm trying 'new' art experiences after retiring from graphic arts. What i found at Creations was a lot of happy people, a very inspirational and talented Kai Raden - a friendly teacher and a new friend. I've made two pieces that I love. I'm planning to add a Kai Raden piece someday to my walls, and take another class sometime! Gotta keep learning!"

-Karen T.

"We came in because we needed an activity to do with friends that was out of the rain. It was a lovely experience and a great way to spend times with friends. In it, we also made new friends and learned a new creative outlet!"

-Shiryl C.

"I sought art, and found friends, too."

-Wenda V.

Creations Studio and Art Gallery

1396 Duane St. Astoria, Oregon  503-741-3456  createinastoria@gmail.com

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