• Kai Raden

Flung Wide Were the Doors

This weekend was the annual "Astoria Open Studio Tour." It's a weekend when artists all over town spruce up their studios and fling open the doors so people can walk through and see what they create. Everyone hopes to sell a little art as well, but the main point is to show people your space and your work. Which is kinda funny, because that's what I do six days a week, all year long. But yes, I cleaned the studio/gallery space (although if you look closely, there is still a lot of dust hanging around...) and with the help of a couple of great friends, took everything down off the walls and out of the windows and re-hung it all. I think the gallery space looks a lot better. And there is some really cool stuff in there! I love events like this because I like to talk to people. About my art, what sort of things they enjoy looking at, and just life...

Some of the new additions to the gallery: Carol Edwards' whimsical creations are infused with color and personality.

Carol Edwards shows off her latest mosaic creation: a fusion of stained glass, ceramic mask, slumped bottles and jewelry findings.

"Faces in Time" - Carol Edwards added ceramic faces to old bottles and created beautiful works of art.

Bryan Lewis' white oak tree catches the light and hurls it around the room like crazy.

With the inspiration photo behind the glass for a pattern, Bryan works on creating the trunk and branches of his "Angel Tree" stained and crushed glass mosaic.

Bryan Lewis deep in concentration on his "Angel Tree" mosaic.

The finished "Angel Tree" mosaic combined several different methods and types of glass for a beautiful work. It is headed to the framer for a custom wood frame to finish it off properly. It is for sale. Please inquire if you are interested.

Bryce Harris's work is just wonderful.

Bryce Harris at work on his newest painting. Astoria is full of great places to paint - nearly any sidewalk in town provides a great subject view, not to mention a bit of shade.

And my newest piece... well, I really like it a lot! I can almost feel the hot dust blowing in my face and feel the sweat creep down the small of my back and hear unseen animals rustling in the long grass on the Serengeti.

"Serengeti Sunset" is a three-dimensial framed stained glass mosaic work that packs a big punch in a little frame.

Stop by some time and see what's new - and rearranged so you may see it for the first time!


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