• Kai Raden

Have No Fear...

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." - Salvador Dali

Why are we so afraid of failing? Of creating something less than perfect? Why do we drill into our children that everything they do must be perfect? That they have to hit the home-run every time they step up to the plate? That every picture they draw should be refrigerator quality? Perfection is vastly overrated. It's when the 'mistakes' happen, the 'less-than' results occur, the 'oops! Look at that!' discoveries come along in life that wonderment takes over. I always tell first-time students that 'mosaic is the art of close enough is good enough.' And it's true! So drop the idea of perfection and embrace the unknown. Bet you'll be glad you did! This photo came about because I had something else planned for that frame, and I broke the glass. Oops! And then Ryan Everson, the great twisted copper tree wire man, had a tree hanging around that no one else seemed interested in. We put the two of them together, and amazingly enough, someone loved this enough to want it for their own.

A cute little stained glass mosaic with a twisted copper tree accent


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