• Kai Raden

Life: It's a Celebration!

I'm finding this really hard to believe, but we are quickly approaching the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of opening Creations!



How has this happened?

First and foremost, it's happening because I am surrounded by an amazing tribe of people. Some of them were there in the beginning, helping get everything put together to open the studio. Gosh, it was HOT last year when we were toting all that furniture, and those bins of glass, along with the windows, tools, beads, etc.

I know if I start to name names right here, I know I will forget someone and hurt feelings, and I wouldn't do that for the world! But let me just say, it was amazing.

So then after the doors opened, and new people started to appear. They came looking for fun, for an artistic outlet, to connect with others in the area, to work through some tough 'life stuff' (because art therapy is ALWAYS a good thing!), and to try this thing called mosaic. So many of them have become dear friends, and I am blessed every day of my life because of them.

And the artists showed up for the gallery! Oh my gosh! We have had some amazing art in the gallery, and quite a bit of it is now sitting in other peoples' homes. HOW GREAT IS THAT!?!?!

I don't know what the future will hold for the next year, but if it's half as exciting as this year has been, it's going to be STUPENDOUS!

So, join us during the Second Saturday Art Walk in September (the 8th) and help us celebrate. I don't even know what we're going to do yet, but it'll be fun!

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