• Kai Raden

What Kind of People Come to Creations?

I get asked this question - or some version of it - pretty often. The answer is "All kinds!" But people like lists, so here are the Top 10 Kinds of People Who Come to Creations:

1. Non-creative people who have never created a mosaic, and haven't tried any other art forms, but are mildly curious about this "so easy anyone can do it" art form.

2. Creative, artsy people who have never created a mosaic, but have done other art.

3. Creative, artsy people who have done lots of mosaics before.

4. Kids, age 4 and older

5. Adults, age 98 and younger

6. Women

7. Men

8. People who live in the Astoria, Oregon area

9. People who are visiting the Astoria, Oregon area

10. People who breathe air.

I'm betting you fall into at least one of those categories!


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