• Kai Raden

What's With the Tree?

People often ask me about this mosaic which sits in the windowsill of my studio, close to my work space. "It's the most meaningful piece in the studio," I tell them.

Last April, when I took a short vacation, I left the studio in the very capable hands of my friend/student/inspirer, Debra Horvath. When I came back, she was finishing up this beautiful tree. The whimsical figures dancing around the bottom made me smile.

"What's up with the tree?" I asked.

First, she told me some nonsense story that she was making it for a local day care. Then she told me the truth. And the truth made me cry.

"This is all of us," she said. "You are the tree that has brought us all together. And we are dancing for joy. Joy at having found this great art form; joy at finding this beautiful place to create art; joy at finding a friend and mentor like you."

Each of the people depicted dancing around the tree mean so much to me. Each has enriched my life in ways I couldn't begin to describe here. I love that everyone had a hand in creating the mosaic. Some cut glass, some created the little people, some laid the tile work around the edge of the frame. All put a piece of their heart into it. And the energy from it draws people to it all the time.

My heart is full and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

May you have many people in your life that bring you such joy!

Students created this beauitful stained glass mosaic for me while I was on vacation. Each of my "regulars" contributed to the mosaic, each adding their own special touch.


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